Strategic Enterprise Analysis Training

Strategic Enterprise Analysis Training

Strategic Enterprise Analysis Training

Certificate: None
Duration: 2 Days
Course Delivery: (Virtual) Classroom

Accreditor: None
Language: English
Credits: 14 PDUs, 14 CDUs

Course Description:
Learn enterprise analysis skills and support your enterprise solutions with effective consulting and leadership. Learn how to move enterprise projects and strategies forward from both a consulting and Enterprise Analysis perspective. Use Enterprise Analysis techniques to identify profitable enterprise opportunities. Learn how to package and present a compelling rationale for your enterprise solution and develop your consulting skills to get buy-in from senior management.

Learning Objectives:
Individuals at this level will have demonstrated their ability to:
● Learn how to see the “big picture” and help your executive stakeholders make the right decisions
● Evaluate proposed business initiatives for viability and organizational advantage
● Apply an enterprise analysis framework in a business case study
● Identify the organizational opportunities and risks within proposed initiatives
● Conduct a feasibility analysis and strategic fit assessment
● Define initial scope for a potential solution using multiple visual techniques
● Prepare a business case employing qualitative and quantitative analysis methods
This course is aimed for experienced people who require a clear understanding and systematic approach to Strategic Enterprise Business Analysis. It is recommended that you complete the Business Analysis Essentials course prior to enrolling or have equivalent experience.

Course Materials:
You will receive the following as part of this course:
● Full Student Guide
● Enterprise Analysis Templates

Course Outline:
Section 1: Introduction
● What is Enterprise Analysis?
● The role of an Enterprise Analysis
● Business Analysis competencies

Section 2: Defining the Business Need
● Defining solution vision and scope
● Conducting a outcomes workshop
● Validating solution scope against the expected outcomes

Section 3: Assessing the Capabilities of Your Organization
● Analyzing current capabilities
● Assessing new capability requirements

Section 4: Determining How to Approach Potential Solutions
● Describe the approach to create or acquire new capabilities
● Ranking potential approaches
● Conducting a feasibility analysis

Section 5: Defining the Scope of the Solutions Being Proposed
● Define the capabilities a project shall deliver
● Scope modeling
● User stories

Section 6: Assessing the Risks Involved
● Understanding the risks of the proposed solution
● Capturing and categorizing the risks involved
● Planning the appropriate responses to the risks identified

Section 7: Justifying the Enterprise Solution: The Business Case
● Building a convincing business case and justifying the investment
● Planning stakeholder buy-in
● Communicating with your audience
● Identifying critical decision criteria and objectives
● How to package and present your case for maximum impact
● Anticipating and responding to challenges

Section 8: Additional Resources
● Useful books and links on Enterprise Analysis

● Executives
● Business Analysts
● Project Leaders
● Facilitators who will be leading requirements-gathering sessions
● Business Users who will be explaining business requirements to software developers
● Systems Analysts expanding their role into the business realm


There is no examination for this course

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